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DENTALWe have a dental unit that is fully equipped with modern dental machine with a qualified dentist.

NUTRITIONISTOur in-house nutritionist is able to offer much needed nutritional guidance and even creating individualized dietary plans to aid in disease management for all clients including those who are malnourished, hypertensive, diabetic as well as supportive guidance during pregnancy and infant weaning.

COUNSELING & VCT DEPARTMENTThe counseling department serves our in-house patients as well as their relatives and our own staff members ensuring the mental health of all concerned with our patient’s management is addressed and hence providing a holistic approach.

PHYSIOTHERAPY DEPARTMENTThe physiotherapy unit focuses on rehabilitation of patients and is crucial in the recovery process of many conditions. Patients can be seen both on In-Patient and Out-Patient basis with our able team of physiotherapists designing individuals’ programs for the clients based in their need.

AMBULANCE & EMERGENCY RESPONSE DEPARTMENTWe have a fully equipped ambulance that is available for use both by patients at Meridian Equator Hospital as well as other medical facilities at a reasonable cost. The ambulance crew is well trained on evacuation and disaster response allowing them to carry out services efficiently.

IMAGING DEPARTMENTWe have high quality ECG, ECHO, Ultrasound and X-ray machines available to both in and out patients including referrals from external facilities.

LABORATORY DEPARTMENTOur laboratory is modern, well equipped and operational 24hours a day. We are able to do a wide array of laboratory testing at reasonable costs. We do serve those seen at our facility as well as referrals from other health facilities.

PHARMACY DEPARTMENTWe have a fully stocked pharmacy that is operational 24hours a day, serving not only patients seen at our Out-Patient Department, but also those from other facilities. Our qualified and experienced pharmacists are able to adequately advise all clients on prescription presented to them.

DIALYSISThe renal unit has a team of well trained and qualified personnel who aim at providing each patient with a high standard of individualized care. The unit has a capacity of 4 beds and it offers services to both in-patient and out-patients. The unit has NHIF accreditation for dialysis for NHIF session.

THEATRE DEPARTMENTOur air-conditioned theatre caters for both major and minor surgical cases at reasonable and affordable rates. The theatre is well equipped with all required equipments including a laparoscopic tower and image intensifier allowing for minimally invasive surgery to be performed. We also offer day-case surgeries and surgical packages for various procedures such as Oesophago-gastro Duodenoscopy (OGD), Colonoscopy, circumcision and others.

IN-PATIENT DEPARTMENTThe hospital boasts 50+beds in well-furnished wards allowing a peaceful and healing environment for our patients. The wards are divided into male and female wards in the medical and surgical wards. We have a child friendly pediatric ward and a warm, comfortable maternity ward that allows mothers and their babies much needed tender loving care. The Critical Care Unit is well equipped allowing for speedy, effective and efficient service delivery.

OUT-PATIENT DEPARTMENTThe hospital’s Out-Patient Department runs 24hours and caters for regular Out-Patient cases, Emergency cases seen through the Casualty, as well as specialized cases seen through our Consultant clinics. Our qualified and experienced medical personnel are aptly equipped to cater for any medical, surgical and obstetric emergencies that may be seen at the casualty and carry out the necessary medical arrangement. The Specialized/Consultant Clinic runs as follows:

  • Surgical Out-Patient Clinic (SOPC) 9.00AM- 12.00PM
  • Medical Out-Patient Clinic (MOPC) 2.00PM-5.00PM
  • Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC) 2.00PM-5.00PM
  • Cardiology Clinic 9:00am-2:00PM
  • Child Welfare and Immunization Clinic (CWC) 8.30AM-1.00PM
  • Paediatric Out-Patient Clinic (POPC) 8.30AM-1.00PM
  • Neuro Clinic 2.00PM-5.00PM
  • Ante-natal Clinic 8.30AM- 2.00PM
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic (ENT) 2.00PM-5.00PM
  • Surgical Out-Patient Clinic (SOPC) 9.00AM- 12.00PM
  • Medical Out-Patient Clinic (MOPC) 2.00PM-5.00PM
  • Gynecology Out-Patient Clinic (GOPC) 9.00AM-1.00PM
  • Skin Specialist Clinic 2.00PM-4.00PM
  • Orthopedic Out-Patient Clinic (OOPC) 9.00AM-12.00PM